The Project

Spacejunk was tasked with creating an engaging 3D-animated piece with fun characters for Shell's new App, and I could not have been more excited to work on this. I was involved from the very beginning with character design, and I saw the project through to the very end with character animation and compositing. Not shown here: a deleted scene where the cashier lasers himself in the eye.

Copyright (c) 2017 Shell / Wunderman

Role: Lead Character Animator / Character Designer

Agency: Wunderman / Spacejunk

Client: Shell

Directed by Mike Beaumont

Character Design: Joey Judkins

Art Direction: Brian Finney & Joey Judkins

3D Modeling: Brian Oskins, Josh Studebaker, Joey Judkins, Alex Trimpe

Rigging: Joey Judkins

Animation: Joey Judkins, Alex Trimpe, John Peterson

Compositing: Joey Judkins, Alex Trimpe, John Peterson

Technical Director: Brian Finney

Sound Design: Kody Orris